Pierjean Albrecht – Founder of Marbella Clinic – biography – Curriculum

Pierjean Albrecht M.D. Ph. D., French, born in 1962, is a Adviser Surgeon, specialising in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He also is an Expert Witness to the Court. He has been studying medicine and surgery, and working in Europe in the fields of Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery, Laser and Anti-Aging Pharmaceutical Research.He was trained in France in the Medical Schools of the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, Montpellier, Paris V and VI, and in Spain in the Department of Surgery in the School of Medicine of Salamanca University.

He  gave special attention to Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in Guadalajara-Mexico with Professor Armando Gonzalez .

Albrecht obtained the Superior Medical studies title for “Lasers and Plastic Surgery” from the Specialties Department of the School of Medicine RENE DESCARTES, of the Paris V University.

After he has been awarded a specialized studies title in “Advanced Surgery” by the “Department of Surgery” of the University of Salamanca, he published his six years research about “The Use of Lasers in Cutaneous Therapy and Plastic Aesthetic Surgery”.

He has been awarded the Ph.D. studies “Doctor in Medicine and Surgery” – Cum Laude – by the same University, that allowes him to teach and to carry out research programs.Publications :

He has published articles about Plastic Surgery and about the relationship between anti-aging, antioxidants and the immune system, in French and international publications.Communications: Comparative use of Lasers in Cutaneous Therapy and Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery, These. Doc. Univ., Salamanca. 2001.

  • Alloplastic Malar Implants for Aesthtetic Purposes in zone 1. The transconjunctival route. (in press)
  • Gliadin Films. I : Preparation in vitro evaluation as a carrier for controlled drug release. Internationnal Journal of Pharmaceutics. 117 – 121 .1995. Elsevier
  • Mise en évidence des propriétés antioxydantes d’un L. M.F. dans des dermocosmétiques . Journ.de Pharm.Clinique. 1995
  • “Aesthetic and Reconstructive SUrgery of the eyes and of the look” Plastic Surgery Symposium. Birkenwerder- Berlin. 2004
  • COngress of the French Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: Closed Blepharoplasty, the U suture before incision. 2002
  • Chirurgie Plastique-Esthétique Faciale et Laser. Ecole de Chirugie de Guadalajara. 2001
  • Alloplastic Malar Implants for Aesthtetic purposes in zone 1. The transconjunctival route. IMCAS. Paris 2002
  • Congress of the Rio de Janeiro Society for Aesthetic Medicine, and in more than 200 workshops, conferences and congresses about health, anti-aging, Lasers and Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery in Europe, USA, Canada and the Middle East:
  • Utilisation des immuncomplexes dans le vieillissement de la peau. Congrès de la Société de Chirurgie Esthétique de Rio De Janeiro, Brésil 1994
  • Intérêt du L.M.F en clinique. Salon de Dermatologie Pratique.Paris 1995


Albrecht was appointed Lecturer at the Medical School “Pierre et Marie Curie” of the University of Paris VI, for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Scalp with Associate Profesor Marc Divaris.He was an Inv. Profesor for the E.N.T. Specialists Academic Program in the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara in Mexico.


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