Pier (Pierre) Albrecht: The pursuit of happiness – Chap 5

“During many years of professional experience I know that my patients are seeking – through its physical improvement – achieving happiness. This is why I decided to write about this topic and present it in the form of chapters to the readers of Transform Magazine. ”

Peace and inner joy

Happiness does not exist, we could only find in books, stories, movies. Then Jesus said “it is useless to pursue happiness in this world.”

As stated in previous chapters, the problem is that happiness depends on factors external to us. And these factors control bit. In theory it seems that we work hard to earn the money necessary to our happiness, we can develop qualities needed to be seduced and find love, we can monitor our health to maintain a life of good health, but very few do.

The truth is that the current trend of people is much work and care through sports, medicine and cosmetic surgery, which is slowly changing its way of being. With the money, beauty and health get seduced, but not love.

Becomes the search for health in an egocentric behavior to achieve a beautiful body and very effective. Becomes the pursuit of happiness in the pursuit of fun, finding love in search of sex. All magazines for men and women play the issue of sex several times a year. Instead of developing the success of a sexual partner through the tenderness and sweetness, makes people believe that it is “purely technical”. As the rest of modern life, to learn good technique and returned in good time, would guarantee success. The problem is causing a general anxiety. People think that if not mastered the technique well, will not do anything, apart from a failure. Well I say that you can have sex with the body and achieve an orgasm, but is a thousand times better when the body follows the heart, making love with feelings, tenderness and sweetness.

If one opens, and gives your partner, sharing more subtle things that can heal the soul.

All magazines for men and women play the issue of sex several times a year.

Giving and sharing feelings instead of taking subtle and keep the physical pleasure. Today you can see that people have come to confuse happiness with fun and satisfaction of desires and impulses of the body.

Unfortunately we are further away from happiness when developing all sports and activities to meet the body immediately, here comes the famous adrenaline. This drug has an endogenous and rapid action in the short time, and like any drug, is addictive and always needs more. Techno music, the use of crack cocaine or ecstasy, but also many other sports at risk, with many feelings, such as Kyte surfing, etc, provided that adrenalin. Feature is that all these activities are not shared. Can be done in groups, but the individual is left alone, without physical or spiritual contact with others.

In the past, dance in particular, were always in pairs and an introduction was very erotic to know the other before having sex …

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