MARBELLA AWARD 2007 MARBELLA CLINIC business of Excellence in Beauty/ Aesthetic category

March is my favourite month, since spring is soon to come. This year it is even better because Marbella Clinic has been granted the “Essential Marbella Awards”. Marbella Clinic was chosen among 4 other clinics specialized in beauty and aesthetics by thousands of votes as the centre of excellence. We are proud of this award since it is an acknowledgement of 12 years of work and experience in marbella offering patients the best techniques, art and passion within the wonderful specialty of Plastic-Aesthetic surgery.

I may be repeating myself, but nowadays, promoting more traditional and humane life principles is as important as struggling against global warming. You can work very professionally, successfully and profitably, and still promote ethics based on allegedly outdated values. I always tell my collaborators that it is not necessary to try to be the best, but it is essential to do your best at whatever you do. If you end up being the best, all the better for you. It has been a pleasure to receive the “Essential Marbella Award”,but we were only doing our work and trying to make our patients’ lives nicer and happier. And we will continue to do so. When spring and summer are near, it is of primary interest to choose a good diet to shed the excess pounds gained over the festive season, but also to get your skin prepared for the sun. The new Mole Control unit of Marbella Clinic offers a non-surgical, state-of-the-art digital evaluation of nevuses and suspicious skin lesions



Editorial: Dr. Pier Albrecht, Dr. Pierre Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Albrecht,

Dr. Pier Jean Albrecht, Dr. Pierre F. Albrecht, Dr. Pierre Frank Albrecht,

Dr. P. Frank Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Frank Albrecht, Marbella Clinic