Pier (Pierre) Albrecht: Sleep : The white-sheet therapy.

“ Every day we are unavoidably subjected to artificial electromagnetic fields that affect our body and generate insomnia, migraines and premature aging. These conditions can be prevented by something as simple as sleeping properly.

Exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields can bring about con ditions ranging from migraines and insomnia to degenerative diseases.

08:00 in the morning

The alarm clock goes off, we stretch, switch on the light and go off in the direction of the kitchen. We put on the coffee-pot, heat the milk in the microwave and while the bread is toasting we have a shower with water heated by the electric water heater and then dry our hair with the hair-dryer. This is how nearly everyone begins their day. So far, in only half or three quarters of an hour, and before even leaving the house, we have been exposed to at least seven artificial electromagnetic fields which, even though weak, alter our body and generate stress that brings about reduced efficiency in the immune system which, in the long run can cause serious chronic or degenerative diseases such as cancer, leukaemia, Alzheimer, cataracts or diabetes as they increase our oxidative stress.

Nowadays it is practically unavoidable to use a mobile phone, spend several hours in front of a computer, listen to the radio or watch TV. Progress has brought us all these technological miracles, and there are still more to come, but it has also altered our environment and our relationship with nature.

Invisi ble presence : in our bedrom

It is not my intention to alarm anybody with these words. I only want to call your attention to the invisible reality of the electromagnetic fields that affect our lives and also our sleep. Yes, they also affect the way we sleep, although sometimes we are not aware of the conditions in which we perform one of the most important tasks for our body: rest. Every night we go to sleep surrounded by electronic equipment, but even more than that, our beds do not favour repose. They even bring about a reduction in Serotonin blood levels, this being the neurotransmitter that, after being transformed to Melatonin, functions as a natural sleep inducer. Knowing this, it is hardly surprising that we suffer from stress, insomnia, migraines, fatigue, depressions, irritability or nerves, all disorders that sometimes, as they become more frequent, are then considered to be inevitable.

The solution : as simple as sleeping well .

However, there is a way to correct the daily effects of the electromagnetic fields in our body. Doctor Darío Acuña, from the University of Granada, and Doctor Germaine Escames have written a paper specifically dealing with this subject, titled “Oxidative stress under conditions of controlled rest”, with which they demonstrate that sleeping in a Biovital bed reduces a third of the oxidative stress level, which is what increases the probabilities of developing degenerative diseases. So much so that this research has been awarded the first prize for the best research in 2005 in the field of scientific research, and the best anti-aging and longevity product in the XX I National Congress of the Spanish Association for Medicine and Aesthetics. (SEME)

This paper, which has been declared to be of health interest, maintains that by sleeping in a bed made of natural products it is possible to alleviate the effects produced by electromagnetic fields in our body because, to begin with, they eliminate the metal from the springs in the mattress and the base, which act as a transmitter.

Falling asleep in harmony with nature They also use a mattress made of latex with a sheet of coconut fibre that absorbs the moisture from our body and prevents us from sleeping in a damp atmosphere, which is what happens when we use synthetic fibres that are unable to “dry” our perspiration, thus generating rheumatism and arthritis. Snoring can also be caused by the lack of oxygenation generated by the absence of perspiration, and for this reason a mattress cover of merino wool is provided, incorporating a layer of charcoal and an earth connection which is also found in the duvet.

All of this, according to the report, increases the production of Melatonin by eliminating the problem of the electromagnetic charges and therefore reduces the oxidative stress that brings about degenerative diseases. Furthermore, and at the same time, it provides a solution to problems of posture, pressure, oxygenation and moisture regulation while we are asleep. Which means that sleeping is converted into a real therapy. Sweet, and healthy, dreams.

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