Pier (Pierre) Albrecht: The abdominal muscles

Masculine aesthetic attributes

Visible abdominal muscles are one of the aethetic attributes usually associated with

men. How beautiful to see the body of an athlete or a male model with a “six pack”

or a “chocolate bar”. But more than beautiful, in the mind of a woman this is related to

the willpower that a man needs to not let the fat accumulate around his tummy. The

will to look after himself, both through physical exercise and through diet.

It’s a shame that in recent years, women also want to develop their abdominal muscles.

More and more women come to my surgery with the idea of eliminating their

abdominal fat, even if there is very little, so that the muscles can be seen. They even

ask for a liposcultpure. It is difficult to convince them that it is natural for a woman’s

body to have more fat than a man’s, and that the softer curves of a woman are related

to femininity and maternity, and to tenderness.

I think that this strong desire of those women is taken from the example set by their

instructor at the gym where they are sculpting their bodies. I have also received some

of the instructors in my surgery. They have fantastic bodies, to the point of perfection,

but I’m not sure that it is still the body of a woman. Their faces are all very much

affected by the lack of fat, which causes the skin to become very flaccid and lined.

Usually they like to be well tanned, which makes their appearance even worse

Health benefits for everybody

Whatever your eating habits, if you are overweight due to an excess food intake, you

cannot maintain the benefits of a diet if you do not reduce your stomach size. In reality,

the stomach has a tendency to relax over the years because people eat more and

take less exercise, especially in this area. It is essential to take up doing abdominal

muscles exercises again every day, as soon as you get up and on an empty stomach,

in order to gradually reduce the tendency of the stomach to expand. You can begin at

your own pace, even doing ten a day, without forcing or stressing yourself. By doing

this every day, you will progress, inevitably, and you could end up doing a thousand

a day by the end of a year, if you wish.

The exercises should be short and repetitive, moving the bent legs towards the body.

If you can, it is also advisable to make oblique movements, trying to touch the right

knee with the left elbow, and viceversa. With this simple exercise, the abdomen will

generally end up diminishing in size and this will enable you to eat less, giving you an

earlier sensation of being full, but also with the effect of stimulating the passage of

food through the intestine, which helps against constipation.


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