Pier (Pierre) Albrecht: The macrobiotic or enegy diet

It depends on the needs of each individual to search for the absolut e truth, and to stop

the search once he bel ieves he has found it.

the macrobiotic diet, created in Japan at the hand of George Oshawa, is based on the search for physical and emotional equilibrium through the harmony of diet, and for which foods are classified as being either Y in or Y ang. We shall take a look at these principles, and their advantages or disadvantages.


This diet is based on a carbohydrate intake, especially of rice, plus a quantity of vegetable proteins such as soy, pulses, vegetables and Japanese seaweed, very rich in minerals.

The majority of people who follow this diet develop a series of deficiencies that result in a very pale appearance. It is paradoxical that the “pioneers of the macrobiotic diet”, such as Michio Kushi or his wife, appear so full of health and energy – possibly because of their Oriental origins they are more familiar with this kind of diet – or maybe because they are not too strict in following their own doctrines.

As we mentioned above, the macrobiotic diet is based on the balance between the Yin and Y ang of foods and of life in general. It is a very interesting subject to study, I have done so and I followed the diet for three years, so I am in a position to say that, although if followed correctly it enables the body to eliminate toxins, I do not think it can be recommended for everyone.

In fact, followers of the macrobiotic diet develop a number of deficiencies that lead to specific ailments. And what happens is that the followers of this doctrine practice it almost as a religion and their view of life is then seen through the diet. Neither is it easy to adapt social relationships to this lifestyle and way of eating. The question is: Is a healthy way of life an end or a means? Should our existence be organized around our search for good health or do we only have to find a balance to be able to live and develop?

It depends on the needs of each individual to search for the absolute truth and to stop the search once he believes he has found it.

The reality is that the followers of Kushi have found the truth they were looking for and if this enables them to grow, then they have done the right thing.

One last detail about the macrobiotic diet: If we take blood groups into account, the people most suited to this diet are those with blood group A, provided that they eat the pulses and cereals recommended.

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