The seduction of the female breast

It is a demonstrated fact that a woman’s breasts are one of her most important weapons of seduction. They are undoubtedly one of the most basic elements of femininity.

An attractive bustline does not remain perfect indefinitely, only for around ten years in most cases, then after the first pregnancy it usually gives the impression of being empty and drooping. In cases where the breasts are small and underdeveloped, the need to feel completely feminine, confident and seductive begins to arise towards the end of the teens. The pressure created by advertising that bombards young girls daily with images of supermodels only goes to strengthen the belief that there is a real need to resort to surgery to correct the physical injustice of Mother Nature. With maturity the body goes through the unpleasant changes brought about by the passing of time, a woman’s breasts become her greatest concern when trying to delay the effects of ageing.

DIFFERENT OPTIONS FOR HAVING AN ATTRACTIVE BUSTLINE Breast augmentation is a surgical operation that increases volume by inserting breast implants, thus obtaining beautiful and natural-looking breasts in accordance with the characteristics and the expectations of each patient.

As in any kind of aesthetic operation involving surgery, the first consultation with the plastic surgeon is an essential stage, as at this point a relationship of mutual confidence is formed, in which the patient is provided with complete information and all the details and steps of the operation are explained, along with those for the choice of prosthesis. It is also a stage in which we check that the implants will be tolerated and whether the patient’s health and medical history are suitable for this type of operation.

Once these points have been checked then the choice can be made as to which kind of implant is to be used as there are several types, for example, liquid silicone with a smooth or textured surface, of hydrogel, or anatomical implants of cohesive or semicohesive gel. For inserting these implants, there are several techniques by which to gain access: from the armpit, from under the areola, under the breast and the umbilicus, amongst others, which leaves scars that are practically invisible.


The kind of implant chosen will determine the final result. Anatomical implants are less likely to lose their shape, although they leave a larger scar. It is possible to make use of the edges of the areolas if they are large enough to insert small anatomical implants, and also the fold under the breast to insert larger anatomical implants.

Nowadays the most reliable prostheses are made of silicone soft cohesive gel with a textured surface because they offer the greatest consistency and give a more natural result as regards shape and feel. Within this category there are several different types, which in specific circumstances “reconstruct” the breast, giving it the desired shape. I do not recommend those made of saline solution as they can deflate and do not provide natural shape for the breast. Investigations have proved that women with breast implants do not suffer from cancer or immunological diseases any more than women who do not have them, they can get pregnant and breastfeed their baby in the natural way. It has not been proved that silicone passes to the milk. One problem that can arise is the so-called “capsular contracture”; although fortunately, during the course of my experience, I can say that this only occurs on very rare occasions. Some factors that give rise to a tendency for this hard scarring around the prosthesis: bruising, bacterial contamination, etc, that are treated with oral antibiotic prophylaxis.

At present there are many high-precision techniques to determine the shape and the dimensions of the anatomical implants. In our Clinic our preference is to use local anaesthetic with sedation, although it is possible to use other methods. The operating time varies between one and half and two hours. The operation can take place as outpatient surgery meaning that the patient can leave the clinic on the same day, with a compression bandage, which will be removed the next day. The post-operative followup is carefully monitored in our Clinic.

The results are immediate, during the first 3 or 4 days it is advised to rest; after this period the patient can usually drive a car and return to work. But she must avoid excessive force or lifting heavy weight for the next 15 days. It is evident that this is one of the operations that most contributes to restoring a woman’s self-esteem, helping her to feel more feminine and confident in herself.

In the majority of cases, surgery and breast implants provide a new commodity for women, increasing their confidence in themselves and in their power of seduction.

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Editorial: Dr. Pier Albrecht, Dr. Pierre Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Albrecht,

Dr. Pier Jean Albrecht, Dr. Pierre F. Albrecht, Dr. Pierre Frank Albrecht,

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